Sunday, April 8, 2007

Early Beginnings in China

Bonsai Trees Care

As legend goes, it is believed that the art of creating Bonsai trees got its start in China during the Han Dynasty. It is said that the Emperor of the time wanted to create a miniature landscape so he could look out over it and see the empire that he ruled. Once his miniature landscape was in place, he sent out a decree that no one else in the kingdom was allowed to have a miniature landscape such as his. If caught with one, they would be put to death.

Another Chinese legend tells of a different beginning for the Bonsai tree. This time, it is said that the Bonsai actually dates back to the 4th century. According to this version of history, a Chinese civil servant by the name of Guen-Ming was growing these miniature wonders. It is said that Guen-Ming began the art of Bonsai gardening with a small pot of Chrysanthemums. Many throughout history believe that this was truly the beginning of growing Bonsai trees.

During the Tang Dynasty about 200 years later, the art of Bonsai was still evidenced. As a matter of fact, as late as 1972, the tomb of Prince Zhang Huai of the Tang Dynasty era was opened and proof of the existence of the Bonsai was evidenced through wall paintings of plants resembling Bonsai trees. In addition, these paintings depicted servants carrying small potted trees also resembling Bonsai, further cementing their existence.

Bonsai Trees Care

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