Sunday, April 8, 2007

Early Beginnings in Korea

Bonsai Trees Care

Korea also has a long history and love of the Bonsai tree. During the 1st century C.E., the Chinese formed the Silla and Koguryo kingdoms, were the first to introduce the Koreans to Bonsai. It was during the Lee Dynasty in 1392 that the Bonsai became popular in Korea.

The Koreans added their own twist to Bonsai gardening by introducing the use of miniature stones to create their miniature landscapes. This practice became a specialized type of art form that remains popular to this day with the Koreans. As a matter of fact, the Koreans value the Bonsai so much that they lay claim to a host of Bonsai organizations, including the famous Korea National Bonsai Association.

Bonsai Trees Care

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