Sunday, April 8, 2007

Early Global Beginnings

Bonsai Trees Care

It wasn’t until the early 19th century that the rest of the world learned about the Bonsai. Once Japan opened its borders to visitors, they soon learned of these small trees being grown in pots.

Soon after this, other parts of the world began displaying the Bonsai in its magnificent glory. Bonsai began appearing in places like Austria, France and England. Those who first saw the Bonsai quickly fell in love with them and the demand for them shot up tremendously. However, these small plants became difficult to find so Horticulturists began to train other types of plants to resemble Bonsai. This also led to different styles in which to fashion Bonsai using various instruments like wire and so on.

The popularity of the Bonsai spread globally and eventually spread to the West. Soldiers returning home often brought Bonsai with them as well as information about them. Soon they became just as popular to Westerners. Americans embraced the Bonsai and developed a deeper appreciation for Asian culture and for this incredible little planted tree.

Because the demand of Bonsai spread throughout the world, new issues for growing and caring for them arose. It became apparent that since there are various types of climates in different parts of the globe, the Bonsai would not fare as well in certain climates, making them difficult to take care of or keep alive.

It was for this reason that the Japanese, who first saw the opportunity to grow and export Bonsai, started experimenting with different types of trees that would survive various types of climates. Bonsai then became more of an art form because people all over the globe could fashion plants that could survive in their region into beautiful little Bonsai creations.

As a result of this activity, new rules had to be formed for the growth and care of the Bonsai. New techniques for styling and pruning them had to be put in place in order for anyone to be successful.

Over time, the Bonsai continued to evolve into new varieties of plants with new rules and practices for their care. While the Bonsai still remains a powerful influence on Japanese culture, it is beloved worldwide.

Today, Bonsai trees can be purchased in a garden center or nursery in the form of cuttings that are used to begin the process of growing Bonsai. Various plant seeds are also used to grow Bonsai. Both will give you a good start, but you need to remember, especially with cuttings, that they are not full Bonsai, only a start to creating one.

Bonsai Trees Care

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