Sunday, April 8, 2007

Types of Bonsai

Bonsai Trees Care

There are approximately 534 different plant species that can be used to create both indoor and outdoor Bonsai plants. They range from Elms to Pines, from Bamboo to Junipers and much more. You can see the complete list of all 534 species at this link - Complete Bonsai List.

As you can see, there are numerous plants that would make good Bonsai tree plantings. It can be a little overwhelming especially to the beginner Bonsai enthusiast, but it doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is consider all the important factors before selecting a species (native to your area) that’s right for your climate and surroundings.

Some plant species used to create Bonsai are considered “classic.” Those include Junipers, Maples and Pines. Other suitable species of plants include Birch, Beech, Elm, Ginkgo, Hornbeam, Cedar and Yew. As a side note, Larch also makes a good Bonsai, but has a tendency to shed branches for no apparent reason.

If you prefer plants that will flower, consider using Apple, Cherry, Cotoneaster, Pyracantha, Japanese Quince and Azalea. These are probably the best choices for flowering Bonsai.

The following is just a small sampling of the more popular species of plants used to make indoor and outdoor Bonsai. They are listed by their botanical names followed by their common names in parenthesis.

Bonsai Trees Care


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